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The Hong Family Honda

The Hong Family Honda Rebel

Stemming from a background in OEM/ODM Car Audio components, LEXIN Electronics Co. Ltd. was formed in 2006 when a customer requested help developing a speaker system for motorcycles. Jacky Hong, the owner of the company, had been a huge motorcycle fan for years, having spent his teenage years riding his father’s 1996 Honda Rebel. He says it was an amazing experience riding around his small home town where everyone wanted to try it. There were no speakers available for motorcycles then, so Jacky and his team of engineers decided to help his customer change that.
They developed a unique set of speakers, with built in amplifier and Bluetooth module, that were easy to install and had good sound quality. This was the first available self-container speaker system specifically for motorcycles.


With the market troubles around 2008, Jacky’s Car Audio company suffered along with many others, and they had to move quickly to find another market to survive. The motorcycle market was staying strong, and there were few companies focusing on electronic accessories for motorcycles, and was far behind the auto industry for audio. This presented an opening for LEXIN to fill, and they focused all of their attention on creating unique and useful electronic accessories for allowing riders to customize their motorcycles, adding convenience and fun.

LEXIN was created when Bluetooth was still a new technology, first with speakers, then Bluetooth helmet speakers, and Bluetooth Intercom systems. Recognizing the wave of Smartphone popularity that was rising in 2012, LEXIN developed a Smartphone App and module to remotely control LED lighting. At the 2012 Dealer Expo this new product gained a lot of attention, and a few big retailers started buying the technology to re-brand as their own.

The US Launch

LEXIN Electronics, Inc., the US arm of LEXIN, was created in 2016 to support the US market, after our products were well received at dealer shows like EICMA in Milan Italy, Intermot in Cologne Germany, and The Dealer Expo in Indianapolis USA. With the international attention and a diverse range of award-winning products, we registered the LEXIN brand in 2015 to bring our friendly service and quality products to the US.

Our Team

Many of our team has been with us since the beginning, when we were in car audio. Our Chief Engineer came to us from Huwei, one of the largest Chinese telecommunications companies. All our employees have a great passion for motorcycles, with an average age of less than 35 years.

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