LX-RF Kit DIY 18 Color LED Accent/Underglow Lighting for Motorcycle, Auto, or ATV - 10 PCS

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LX-RF Kit DIY 18 Color LED Accent/Underglow Lighting for Motorcycle, Auto, or ATV - 10 PCS

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The LEXIN LX-RF Kit allows you to light up your motorcycle or ATV like no other system on the marketplace. With heavy-duty marine grade insulation over the backing strips for the LEDs, quality wiring, and included heat shrink tubing for the plug and play connectors, our light kits will outlast any other self-install LED kit made. It will not completely drain the battery! If the battery ever drops below 10 volts, the system will shut itself off.
  • RF 4 button remote control for color, mode, speed of the lights. 18 colors available, with two additional settings for rotating colors: blink from color to color and fade from color to color. Other modes include fade (or breathe) and flash of a specific color with adjustable speeds on each.
  • 10 water resistant and flexible strips, 4.5 inch long, 6 surface mount RGB LEDs per strip, provide enough lighting for most motorcycle applications. Real 3M heavy duty adhesive backing for a secure mount.
  • Compact CPU (3”x1”x1/2”) is easy to conceal even on bikes with little or no bodywork. Included 4 button radio frequency remote allows you turn on or off the system, and select colors, fade, or flash modes.

Installation is easy:

  • Clean all surfaces to remove any oil or dirt so that the 3M adhesive can get a good grip.
  • Determine where you want to place each strip, and how you are going to route the wires to the harness and CPU.
  • Peel the backing from each strip and press firmly in place for about 30 seconds.
  • Hide the wires from view and fasten securely in place – extra zip ties may be needed.
  • Plug all the connectors together in the harness, and connect the harness to the CPU.
  • Connect the CPU power leads – Red to battery positive, black to battery negative, and (optional) blue to the brake light power source. The white wire is the radio antennae – leave this disconnected.

The LX-RF Kit offers peace of mind in your purchase with a 1-year warranty. See the warranty information in the manual for full details.

Package Contents:

  • 10 strips, 4.5 inches long, ½ inch wide, 1/8 inch thick, with 6 RGB LEDs per strip, connected to  a 5 foot lead with a 4-wire connector.
  • 1 harness with a single 4-wire connector on one side, and 10 4-wire connectors on the other, 2 feet long.
  • 1 CPU box
  • 1 4-button RF remote control
  • Accessory kit containing hook & loop adhesive backed tape (for mounting CPU),  heat shrink tubing for covering all connectors, crimp terminals for battery connection (optional) and a small supply of zip-ties
  • Instructions for using the remote control


  • Maximum current draw, 60 LEDs at full brightness: 800mA (equal to 10 4.5inch strips)
  • Current draw when “off”: 8mA
  • Supports a maximum of 120 LEDs (equal to 20 4.5inch strips)

Note: Additional LED strips in various lengths are available, please contact us for more details.